Book club

My opinion on my book, Malala, is that it’s a good interesting book and I like how some of the chapters leave off on cliffhangers. Malala adds a lot of detail for every chapter.  I like that Malala is very open about her story and she tells readers everything before and after she got shot in the head. Malala is very confident and upstanding, it makes me wanna be like her.

    Everyone in my book club talk and share their opinions. Most of our topics lead to other topics, so we have more to talk about. We also try to connect our lives with things that happened to us and we put ourselves in Malala’s position and share what we would do.

Nene :(

My cousin, Anisa, we were really close since we were younger. I’m 7 months younger than her. We group up together, we lived with each other for most of our life. Recently her dad past away and we got distant from each other. Since we got older we never ever really fight about things, like when we were younger we would fight about toys but nothing serious. We haven’t argued about any little things. We were playing Yahtzee with a few of our family members and we were talking about how she said she wanted to join soccer but it was too much try outs, and all I did was ask “Is there a C team?” because she was saying everyone makes the team but A team is better than B team. When I asked her that she gave me an attitude so I said something and we were arguing back and forth but nobody said anything because they never seen us fight like that before, everyone was quiet until we stopped arguing. It sucks but I guess we’re just growing apart or she’s upset about her dad.
On Friday, I went to Laila’s birthday party. Isabella, Laila, Ana, Jaidy and me were sitting on the bed or just standing in Laila’s room, before we came up to her room we grabbed a plate with chips. We all kinda had a lot on our plate but, I finished all of mine and Jaidy and Ana still had some so I started eating theirs. It was funny because every time they looked away or went out the room really quick I grabbed some and ate them or when they were looking I just grabbed a few. Jaidy went downstairs to eat pizza with Laila. So as soon as she left I grabbed her chips and ate them all but when asked I told her I didn’t eat them. I also ate some of Ana’s chips. ;)


On Sunday, I went to enchanted castle with my family for my Tio Daniel’s birthday. We were we were racing in cars, there was 10 of us, and I was a really bad driver. I was accidentally bumping into them and then when I finally got the hang of it, my titi accidentally bumped into me and I got stuck. When she bumped into me, everyone started laughing when they passed by and she said, “sorry, my pedal wasn’t working” and my grandma and other titi were asking me what happened because I was stuck and I kept laughing and saying “Titi got me stuck” and “Titi tryna kill me!” After I got hit everyone kept going but I was stuck and I couldn’t get out so the workers had to stop the whole game and move the car for me. After I got unstuck everyone passed me already and I was last.